We formed in the Spring of 2010 as a four piece band (Josh-bass, Annie-lead vox, Taryn-drums  and Chris-lead guitar) we played our 1st show at St. Jude's Church. A few days later we gained our rhythm guitarist Mardez. After a some practices together and writting our first song "Where You Are" we added backing vox and synth Joey. We played at Live 59 as our 1st official show. We had to depart with  Joe just because he couldn't make shows and he was just busy. We gained keyboardist/ backing vocalist Leila in the fall. We played in Live 59's Battle of the Bands came in 7th place. The point that made us want to take music seriously was when we got the opportunity to play at Congress Theater in Chicago, IL. Also we played at Eastern University. Even though she was there in the beginning we soon had to depart with Taryn. We gained our new drummer Steve but after only playing one show he left the band. After one week we found our new drummer Connor. With college being around the corner, Leila made her decision to leave the band to focus on school. We have played at Live59 and Live59's first Battle of the Bands, The Lighthouse, The Hub, Sullivan's, Mojoe's of Joliet, Eastern University, and Congress Theater.

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